C Program to Check Whether a Character is Vowel or Consonant

In this program, you will learn to check a character entered by user is Vowel or consonant. The five letters A, E, I, O, U are called Vowels. All other characters are called as consonant.

Source Code
#include <stdio.h>
void main()
    char ch;
    printf("Enter a character: ");
    scanf("%c", &ch);
    if (ch == 'a' || ch == 'A' || ch == 'e' || ch == 'E' || ch == 'i' || ch == 'I' || ch =='o' || ch=='O' || ch == 'u' || ch == 'U')
        printf("'%c' is a Vowel.\n", ch);
        printf("'%c' is a Consonant.\n", ch);
Enter a character: A
'A' is a Vowel.

Enter a character: w
'w' is a Consonant.

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