C Program to Read a Valid Number (goto statement)

In this program, the user is ask for integer number, if he/she enters 0 (ZERO) then it will again ask for the number until he enters a valid number. Here we have used goto statement. A goto statement in C programming provides an unconditional jump from the 'goto' to a labeled statement in the same function. Any program that uses a goto can be rewritten to avoid them. Syntax: goto label; Example: goto start;

Source Code
#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
    int no;
        printf ("Enter any Number: ");
    scanf ("%d", &no);
    if (no == 0)
        goto accept;
    printf("You have entered %d", no);
    return 0;
Enter any Number: 0
Enter any Number: 0
Enter any Number: 12
You have entered 12

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