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    One <sub>particular</sub> book which is recommended reading is <u>The Street Lawyer</u> by <u>Jhon Grisham</u>.
    <tt>This book is about a lawyer who begins re-evaluting his prioritiers in life when a bad incident occurs within
        his law firm.</tt>
    <strike>Consequently,he becomes acquainted with the inner city streets,and realizes the harsh existence of the
        homeless</strike>. <u>The Street Lawyer</u> is a <b><i>great</i></b> book. It is <b><i>well written</i></b> and
    <b><i>interesting</i></b>. Other books by <sup>John Grisham</sup> include <u>The Firm</u> & <u>The Pelican
        Brief</u>,and The <u>Client</u>.


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