JavaScript Program to Demonstrate Mouse Events

Write a JavaScript program to demonstrate mouse events.

Source Code
    <title>Mouse Events</title>
    function init()
        var panel = document.getElementById('panel')
        var btn = document.getElementById('btn')

        btn.addEventListener("dblclick", dblClick)
        btn.addEventListener("mousedown", mouseDown)
        btn.addEventListener("mouseup", mouseUp)
        btn.addEventListener("mouseover", mouseOver)
        btn.addEventListener("mouseout", mouseOut)
        btn.addEventListener("mousemove", mouseMove)

    function click()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse clicked<br/>"

    function dblClick()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse double clicked<br/>"
    function mouseDown()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse down<br/>"
    function mouseUp()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse up<br/>"
    function mouseOver()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse over<br/>"
    function mouseOut()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse out<br/>"
    function mouseMove()
        panel.innerHTML += "Mouse moved<br/>"

<body onload="init()">
<input type="button" id="btn" value="Mouse Events" onclick="click()"/>
<h3>Mouse events performed are</h3>
<p id="panel"></p>


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